Photoset 1.0.4

Photo collages powered by Tumblr


  • Easy to use
  • Upload to website, not localized to app


  • No image customization

Very good

Photoset is a photo collage app that combines multiple photos together and makes a photoset that can be uploaded to Tumblr, Twitter, and email.

The app uses pictures from your photos or you can take photos directly from the app. You are then able to manipulate the placement of images in various, but simple ways. You are also able to create captions, add locations, and upload to Photoset’s site for browser viewing.

As an extension of Tumblr and other photo apps, Photoset does not include any filters or any customization options so you have to take natural images, unless you pull photos that have already been manipulated through other apps.

Photoset is a nice photo collage app, but does not include any filters like other popular apps.



Photoset 1.0.4

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